Established in 2006, Volo is a nearshoring innovation powerhouse. Based in Armenia, we create The Next Big Thing for industry leaders by taking on truly challenging projects others won\'t and innovating in ways that others don\'t.

We\'ve built our firm on the backs of brilliant intellects who happen to be world-class developers. Because we focus on a few technologies rather than trying to offer everything to everyone, we have mastered our craft, which leaves us far more headspace for creative innovation.

Technology-wise, all we do is .NET, Windows Phone, Windows Embedded, Azure, and MS Dynamics development.

If you\'ve got an IT-linked business issue that you\'ve been unable to solve, our team of razor-sharp consultants would love a crack at making the impossible possible.


Komitas avenue 54v 5th floor

Contact Person

Mr. Matt Bartelsian

Phone: +374 55 212937

Email: matt.bartelsian@volo.global

IT Services

Application development, Content generation, data collectiion, Database development, interfaces, queries, Localization of software, UI, knowledge management, New development (incl. maintainance or follow-up insourcing), Operation and assistance of applications, Operation of maintainance of applications, Tool development


Questrade / Canada

Kofile / United States of America

Health Advocate / United States of America

Mobidram / Armenia

MTS / Armenia


ISO 9001:2008

Microsoft Silver Partner

Sitefinity Certified

Business Sectors Served

We are ISO-9001:2008-certified,which means we have a highly secure office and understand well how to execute projects with tremendous efficiency.

We are Agile and live by the SCRUM, but we\'ve worked with just about every project management approach out there.

We have delivered over 140 custom projects across a wide range of industry sectors including: financial services, telecommunications, e-commerce, healthcare, e-learning, e-government and more.

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