A comprehensive Guide for German enterprises

IT-resources.eu is the first IT Nearshoring/Offshoring Directory published in and for Germany and was launched by the Stuttgart-based media company local global GmbH at CeBIT International Business Area 2015, Exhibition CeBIT, Hannover.

The IT Resources Directory provides an analysis of current developments in the world of IT-related services and gives insights to the benefits and risks of international sourcing. It is, furthermore, a comprehensive guide for German enterprises and aims to support them in identifying potential partners worldwide.

Germany is facing the challenge of digitization of its core industries (“Industrie 4.0”) and is already missing 50.000+ skilled IT workforce. While the promotion of MINT studies in the region doesn’t provide immediate results, IT and HR departments of German corporations  do a lot to tackle the bottleneck for future growth and to maintaining their core position in global industrial competition. As the recruitment of professionals hit national limits, though,  the German “Mittelstand” began cooperating with international service providers and freelancers. There are many convincing arguments for this: The availability and scalability of resources, the proven quality and skills of international providers and freelancers and still definitely cost advantages. Meanwhile – at least for internationally active enterprises – there is also a political and legal obligation to internationalize in order to localize data solutions.

The IT Resources Directory is meant to provide specific information about the range of services, capacities, specific knowledge of sectors and processes, certificates and references of international providers in order to initiate cooperations between German IT enterprises with their counterparts located around the globe.


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